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when i was a boy i wished i could fly

I think all together I bought 6-7 books/scripts in NYC. #moneywellspent (Taken with Instagram)

I think all together I bought 6-7 books/scripts in NYC. #moneywellspent (Taken with Instagram)

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Name: Morgan ----------------------------------------------------- Where: a tiny province in Canada ----------------------------------------------------- How old: 19 -------------------------------------------------------- I live for music & theatre. I love skittles, Adam Chanler-Berat, Musical Theatre, Taylor Swift, (500) Days of Summer, Ghost, How I Met Your Mother, the Jonas Brothers, Musicals, Aaron Tveit, cute sayings, Peter and the Starcatcher, Musical Theatre, Caissie Levy and picture frames ;) ----------------------------------------------------- One day I'll be on Broadway (it might take me till I'm 50 but it'll happen)!! ----------------------------------------------------- All time favorite shows:: Les Miserables, Next To Normal, How To Succeed, Ghost, Peter and the Starcatcher, Newsies. ----------------------------------------------------- Love like there's no tomorrow, live like you only have today <3 ----------------------------------------------------- *CLICK* Shows I've seen/been in and love <3